Welcome to the team , Amy!

Mon, 5th August 2019

Let's see what our latest hire got up to this week!

Give us an intro!
Hi! My name is Amy, I am from Birmingham, literally just moved to Manchester and I am officially a marketing assistant.

Okay, tell us more...
So I’m officially one week into “adulting”, a new job and a new city. I mean, I’m forever tired as I have a masters project due at the end of August, whilst working full-time and then adjusting to a whole different atmosphere and city. It has definitely been overwhelming but I can tell you that I am enjoying myself!

How was your first day at Elegant?
I went in open minded and I had no clue what to expect. On my first day, I was greeted with a lovely bottle of champagne on my desk. Everyone here is friendly, helpful and they don’t take themselves too seriously so it’s a relaxed and fun atmosphere to work in.

What’s your role at Elegant?
At Elegant, I have the responsibility of supporting the managing director, keeping up to date with our website and blog, creating content and developing marketing strategies to maintain a social presence for the company.

Is there anything that you have struggled with this week?
I wouldn’t say I’ve struggled with anything but maybe the lack of sleep?! Other than that, I have taken everything on the chin.

How are you finding Manchester?
I haven’t had the chance to explore the city quite yet, but it seems that everything you need is within walking distance from our office.

And finally, what does the rest of today look like for you?
I’m going straight home to stuff my face with a pizza and then putting on a chocolate chip cupcake face mask - yum!

We hope you will enjoy your new life in Manchester, Amy. Welcome to the team and we are happy to have you here!