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The consultants at Elegant Digital work alongside your company to identify a solution to meet real objectives, complementing your existing skill set and bringing in the right team to meet your needs.



Our experienced and qualified project managers deliver comprehensive support and planning. We’re light on methodology and heavy on results. We will agree, communicate and chase critical dates for both decisions and content, ensuring the result is right and deadlines are met.


We always look to put together the best team for each project, thinking about long term support up front. To support our core delivery teams we put in place subject area experts to ensure success from launch, and our ongoing support service means you and your team can move onto other projects unencumbered.

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GCE Group is Europe’s leading gas control company, with almost 100 years of experience in the handling of high pressure gases.

The Elegant team have been working in various guises with GCE for over 3 years, supporting the multinational legacy sites, and designing a solution for the future..
Exciting things are coming up for this worldwide brand, including activity in new and developing markets and a strategy to take advantage of the synergistic opportunities from a recent change in majority ownership.





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Newton is a UK-based specialist in operational improvement, fuelled by a fundamental belief that even the best organisations can be better.

Consistently ranking in the top 50 employers in the UK, Newton Europe is a desirable destination for top graduates.
Elegant worked over 18 months with the team at Newton to achieve recruitment and marketing goals.
The new site is a rich, design heavy and sophisticated presence for this intelligent, fast growing consultancy.

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Elegant exists to compliment the agency model - experts with the ability to resource projects outside of the scope of creative and marketing activity.
We love our agency partners, and hope the feeling is mutual!

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