Welcome to Elegant, Geri!

Fri, 25th October 2019

Let's welcome our latest hire with some Q&As!

Hi Geri! How are you today?
I’m very well, thanks - as always on a Friday!

What were your first impression of the Elegant team?
The team is fantastic!

We all actually went out for drinks about a week before I started so I got to know everyone outside of work first. Everyone was very friendly and welcoming.

How was your first week here - what did you get up to?
The first week was very interesting. I got a project assigned to me which I started working on straight away and got to sit in a couple of meetings as well.

What is more, Elegant has just moved into a new office so I got to build some IKEA furniture!

Can you tell us two truths and one lie about yourself
1. I used to be a competitive swimmer
2. I have saved a person's life
3. I have asked a stranger to park my car for me

(Which one do you think is the lie? Hmmm, we can't seem to work it out...)

So what have you got planned for the rest of the day?
I will be going out for G&T with some friends, then binge watching reality TV shows all night!

From Elegant and the team:

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